Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We have travelled along old route 66 a few time in our travels and we always stop in Seligman. The town trades heavily on the fact that they are on the historic road and there are several noteworthy tourist traps. Bruce had to indulge an ice cream fix here. I love the car, but I especially like the "Sorry, We're Open" sign. They also advertise dead chicken for sale. Must be a roadkill joke.


FCP said...

What a delightful place - perfect inspiration for a wonderful painting!
I also love the one of your girls - what a hoot!
happy painting,

laine lea said...

Hi Paula - lov eyour site! Would you check mine ( and consider adding me to your list - Ill be glad to add you to mine - let me know!
also - have you seen the 'virtual artist date' site? Check it out as it looks like fun!