Friday, November 30, 2012


I have reached a point where I want more, to go deeper, become more successful with art. I am starting to work my way through the books "Write it down, make it happen" and "The Artist's Way". I like to set goals rather than make "resolutions" but they are the same thing for me. I truly feel that writing through the exercises brought me to where I am today, getting to make art, having been able to travel to places I never thought I would get to, getting married a second time. Now I am ready for more. First, I have to figure out what that more is!

 I must be on the right track because when I was trying to think of an image to go with this post,"Hope' is the image that immediately fell under the cursor.

"Your playing small does not serve the world. Who are you not to be great?" Nelson Mandela

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Down with dark days

Moose     12x12

I hate this time of year when it's dark all day. The sun comes up late and goes down early. The cloud inversion keeps the valley in twilight. Ugh! I just want to sit in front of Pinterest and veg out. 

Instead, I am going to take Fiona and walk down to where they have been clearling the trees for the wildfire protection and use some of the branches for swaths for the front door. Remember, when life hands you could be dyslexic!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


These are a pair of glasses that I ordered on the net a while back. I felt like the dark rims were a little too strong. So being a painter....I painted them. I was going for snow leopard.

For other fashion ideas, check out:

Friday, November 23, 2012

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl    11x14

I saw a snowy owl in Victoria. It swooped down over my car one night and startled the dickens out of me. Lovely though.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Come on Down!

The Headwaters Art Society will be holding
 a winter Art show and sale
 on Saturday, Nov. 24th from 11am-3pm
 at the Canal Flats Community Centre. 
There will be 17 artists!
Come on down and check it out!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

This image was lifted from pinterest. I hate to think of how much time I waste on that site but it is so much fun!

Quick five things that I am grateful for:

that I have the opportunity to paint
that I have a patient and supportive husband
that I have amazing, beautiful and accomplished daughters
that I have an affectionate dog who (more or less) comes when she is called
that I have good health
(oh, there are so many more)

Can you rattle off 5 things that you are grateful for?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thrift Away

I quite liked this stretch denim dress that I found in  a thrift store but it just wasn't generous enough in the hip area for my generous pear shape. I decided to take a page from Sally at and try layering a dress over a dress (or in this case a knit skirt). I'm kinda liking it.

Dress, skirt and boots, all thrifted. Tights from We love colors. Accessories, accumulated over the years.

Check out other women playing dress-up at:

And yes, I am still painting.....

cervus argentum #1

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Like Ghost Lake

I went out to help Bruce mark some lots on a project that he has been working on. This is looking down on the camping area. We had to borrow a canoe and paddle across the lake to finish marking a few spots. My stupid life belt wouldn't zip up and I was so terrified paddling across that cold void I kept splashing water in my face from paddling too fast. If I hadn't believed in Bruce's canoeing ability, I would never have been able to even attempt that crossing. The line from "Ghost Lake" (and the outcome of that poem) kept running through my head..."Ghost Lake's a dark lake, a deep lake and cold"

On the return trip, I whipped off my bear spray belt and notched it over the preserver. That made me feel a lot better. 

I don't like for Bruce to go out there on his own. There is no cell phone coverage and he is ambling through a 3000 acre tract of land. If something happened (predator attack, moose attack, canoe tipping over, breaking a leg) I wouldn't even be able to find him. If he doesn't arrive home by a set time, I would just call Search and Rescue. I think he lets me go with him because he's convinced he can outrun me in case of bear attack. Fiona LOVES to go with us.

In case you are not familiar with it, here is the beautiful and haunting poem:

The Skater of Ghost Lake
By William Rose Benet

Ghost Lake's a dark lake, a deep lake and cold:
Ice black as ebony, frostily scrolled;
Far in its shadows a faint sound whirs;
Steep stand the sentineled deep, dark firs.

A brisk sound, a swift sound, a ring-tinkle-ring;
Flit-flit,--a shadow with a stoop and a swing,
Flies from the shadow through the crackling cold.
Ghost Lake's a deep lake, a dark lake and old!

Leaning and leaning with a stride and a stride,
hands locked behind him, scarf blowing wide,
Jeremy Randall skates, skates late,
Star for a candle, moon for a mate.

Black is the clear glass now that he glides,
Crisp is the whisper of long lean strides,
Swift is his swaying--but pricked ears hark.
None comes to Ghost lake late after dark!

Cecily only--yes it is she!
Stealing to Ghost Lake, tree after tree,
Kneeling in snow by the still lake side,
Rising with feet winged, gleaming, to glide.

Dust of the ice swirls. Here is his hand.
Brilliant his eyes burn. Now, as was planned,
Arm across arm twined, laced to his side,
Out on the dark lake lightly they glide.

Dance of the dim moon, a rhythmical reel,
A swaying, a swift tune--skurr of the steel;
Moon for a candle, maid for a mate,
Jeremy Randall skates, skates late.

Black as if lacquered the wide lake lies;
Breath as a frost-fume, eyes seek eyes;
Souls are a sword edge tasting the cold.
Ghost Lake's a deep lake, a dark lake and old! 

 Far in the shadows hear faintly begin
Like a string pluck-plucked of a violin,
Muffled in mist on the lake's far bound,
Swifter and swifter, a low singing sound!

Far in the shadows and faint on the verge
Of blue cloudy moonlight, see it emerge,
Flit-flit,--a phantom, with a stoop and a swing . . .
Ah, it's a night bird burdened of wing!

Pressed close to Jeremy, laced to his side,
Cecily Culver, dizzy you glide.
Jeremy Randall sweepingly veers
Out on the dark ice far from the piers.

"Jeremy!" "Sweetheart?" "What do you fear?"
"Nothing my darling,--nothing is here!"
"Jeremy!" "Sweetheart?" "What do you flee?"
"Something--I know not; something I see!"

Swayed to a swift stride, brisker of pace,
Leaning and leaning, they race and they race;
Ever that whirring, that crisp sound thin
Like a string pluck-plucked of a violin;

Ever that swifter and low singing sound
Sweeping behind them, winding them round;
Gasp of their breath now that chill flakes fret;
Ice black as ebony--blacker--like jet!

Ice shooting fangs forth--sudden--like spears;
Crackling of lightning--a roar in their ears!
Shadowy, a phantom swerves off its prey . . .
No, it's a night bird flit-flits away!

Low-winging moth-owl, home to your sleep!
Ghost Lake's a still lake, a cold lake and deep.
Faint in its shadows a far sound whirs.
Black stand the ranks of its sentineled firs.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Draped Model revisit

This was my original painting. I found the background interesting but maybe overwhelming. So I changed it. Whenever I have a painting that doesn't seem to generate a lot of interest, I figure I have nothing to lose by changing it. It either succeeds or gets painted over!

I think the figure has become more important now. I also softened the line at her hairline.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Old Man Sweaters

I didn't think it was possible but there are sweater makeovers! So I gambled $2 on a thrift sweater from LLBean...

And followed the directions from: alter a sweater I took in the sides and the sleeves and set the sleeves in an inch or so in each shoulder. It was surprisingly easy.

Now I have an outfit to brave the cold, wet winds of Victoria in.

I hereby declare "Open season" on old man sweaters!
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and for some leftover Halloween fun
Fiona a la Bela Lugosi
Note to self: Dogs do not like having makeup put on even if they are a hit with trick or treaters.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cervus Argentum 2

Cervus Argentum 2        12x12 acrylic collage

I felt the need to explore collage incorporating aluminum duct tape yet again. I do really like the deer in this series. I should try another animal!

Omigod! I can't believe this is true. Please watch: