Monday, November 24, 2008

Bird Goddess

I found Nancy Standlee's blog and I am appreciating many things from it. One, I found the link to so now I can listen to tunes while I blog. Currently listening to " Have a beer with Duncan" on the Aussie bush band channel. Now a little dijeridu solo.
Two, Nancy has taken workshops with all my fav's, people I want to take workshops with...Robert Burridge, Stephen Quiller and Carla O'Connor.
Three she has all kinds of good links. Oh heck, it's just a good blog.

Here is my attempt at Burridge-like freestyle painting

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Nancy Standlee said...

Just now checking on some of my Google alerts and found your blog. I hope you get to take workshops with all of your wanna-be's. I'll have another Burridge in April and I hope to study with Carla again. Love your painting. ns