Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Winter Solstice 2008

A Solstice Prayer

Goddess, you create day and night,
Rolling away light before darkness,
Darkness before light,
Thank you for the darkness,
Without it we could not appreciate the light.
By the darkness we can measure blessing-
Health by sickness,
Laughter by tears,
Riches by poverty,
Freedom by oppression.

In memory of ancient light after darkness, let us light a candle.
A candle is small,
Nor far from where it brightly flames the darkness closes in.
But candles light other candles,
And light draws strength from light.
Each night of life let us add candles;
The candle of hope.
The candle of faith.
The candle of brave deeds.
The candle of freedom.
Thank you for the darkness.
Thank you for the light.

a thank you to the author of this prayer.

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