Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas spirit

Betsy and Sally get into the Christmas spirit.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Silly question from me, Paula. Why on earth would anyone put a vent in a fireplace wall? I ask because I see you have one in your's...and I have a huge one, half way up and off to the side of mine. Oh my goodness! To my mind it looks atrocious and so takes away from the beauty of the fireplace!! My vent is about 12 x 15 inches and I was stunned to see it! LOL I know it is supposed to allow heat to escape into the house but I've never seen that before until this house...and now in your house! LOL (Assuming that is a fireplace those festive heads are adorning!)

Paula K. Cravens said...

Hey Sherry,

I know it's an ugly vent but it blows all that nice warm air into the room. I had no say in the design as it was there when we bought the house. You would think they would make them less intrusive but they also have to work.