Friday, April 26, 2013

Opinions please

This is my original painting of "Fred the Fierce".

This is test1 with one window.

This is test2 with no windows. I wasn't that happy with Fred but I wasn't sure why. Now i think it is the background. Once again I have broken the rule of relying too heavily on a reference photo. But I was trying to do something different with the background. I think the three windows are too overpowering. I kinda like the offset one window. I would appreciate your opinions and why.

Thank heaven for photo repair so that I can play with this on the computer before I actually repaint it.


Janice Edwards said...
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Janice Edwards said...

I like the 3-windows view. It's strong and adds some symmetry.
The 1-window offset is fine, and adds emphasis to Fred's head.
The no-window is.. bland. Needs something (like 3 windows).

My vote is for the 3-window version said...

I like Fred the Fierce! I would like to see a window off to the right, without anything being directly behind Fred. The black of the window & his shirt can overpower when lined up together. This is just my opinion. Best, KCW

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Thanks for all the comments and emails. Now I have to think about it some more.