Thursday, May 16, 2013


So to try to explain a bit, the painting was based on photos I took of the Mountain Man rendezvous in Eureka Montana. the young man is supposed to be a mountain man, not an indian but one who borrowed a lot of indian accoutrements.
The tents they favor (I'm guessing they are historically accurate) are square canvas tents, not teepees. They were probably lighter than teepees and available from the Hudson's Bay or Northwest company.
It occurred to me that most people probably don't know these things because they don't go to black powder events.
Comments  ran about 50/50 for one format or the other.
In the original painting, I was trying to go for the counterbalance composition that Nuttall is fond of.

Tedd Nuttall
where you have your subject offset by a lot of space. I will have to play with this more to make it successful.

The tent just looks weak. I think that's what bothers me, that and the fact that the top of it is intersecting that horizontal line which is a bit of a no-no. The backgrounds in the photos were dark and broody and powerful. I don't think I like the painting being so light at the bottom. I may try to change that.
The "problem" with watercolors is that once you screw up, you are pretty well screwed. There is not much hope of fixing. Acrylics are much more forgiving because you can keep painting over things. Watercolors are good discipline though and they have effects that may be impossible to achieve in any other medium.
Thanks for all the comments. People point out things that don't occur to me, so it is good to get the feedback.

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