Friday, May 2, 2008

Close Encounter

I always walk the dog every morning along an abandoned airstrip just behind our house. We had just turned around to walk home when a cougar calmly walked out of the Headwaters pathways and crossed our path. He checked us out briefly, then loped off into the brush. I was packing my bear spray but not my cell phone. Thankfully, my dog neither saw or smelled it. I made a lot of noise walking home, held my nordic poles up over my head and carried my spray at the ready. The adrenaline is still pumping!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Holy smoke.
My brother went hiking in September in NW New Hampshire and encountered a moose. His first thought was, "wow, this is just like National Geographic", whereupon he heard another moose somewhere in the woods and realized that he was in the middle of moose mating. The moose cracked his antlers against a tree, which is Moose for "I'm going to kill you." My brother said he just put both eyes straight ahead like the moose wasn't even there and walked away. Luckily the Moose didn't follow.

Terry Rafferty said...

Love the wildlife photos! When we lived in Montana 2 of these gorgeous cats came and played in our meadow outside the dining room window. They rolled around with each other like two kittens. One of my favorite memories of our years there.