Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Columbia Valley Springtime

I should be painting, but it's so beautiful outside and I keep running into my "neighbors". Plus, I am gathering photo references for later painting. Yeah, that's it!

I have been driving up and parking my car amidst the sheep herd. I roll down the windows and stay quiet and they let me hang out with them. Listening to them munch is very soothing.

OK, I am going to plant a row of potatoes and onions and then I am going to PAINT!!


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

FCP said...

If I had neighbors like that I would be out doing the same thing--wow! I'm so happy spring has arrived for you. As Julia Cameron points out in "The Artist's Way" some days are for "filling the well" so you can draw from it later--and photo reference days are just that, aren't they? Enjoy your super fabulous subjects!

Vicki Shuck said...

thanks for posting the animals--wish I was there. .