Sunday, June 1, 2008

In the bush

Bruce and I were out scouting a piece of property for his work. We had just stepped out of the truck and were taking pictures when I heard something rustling in the bush about 100 feet away. I let out a yell and lept for the truck. I was answered by a hoot from a mountain biker below us. Bruce was having a good laugh at my expense while I proceeded to get some photos of the site. As we turned around to get into the truck, Mr. Black Bear was coming down the mountain to see what was happening. I snapped off a couple of shots but only because I was right next to the truck. Bears can move amazingly fast. I figure I now only need to see a wolf and a grizzly to complete my predator list for this year. Frankly, I much prefer the company of the ungulates!!

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FCP said...

Yikes! You are a braver woman than I could ever be.