Thursday, April 23, 2009

Working/not working

I have been working, although I was seduced by the beautiful warm weather of the last few days. Today it turned cold with a vengence and they are calling for snow!I saw this house on Whidbey Island last fall. I can just imagine the Captain's wife pacing on the balcony. It isn't working for me yet so I will live with it for a while. I have to set it aside and work on something for the Wings over the Rockies show instead.


mccoll said...

Hey, Paula,

Bill here! I don't remember the blue house on Whidbey Island but there are lots of them on the islands down there. The only comment I could make about the painting(which I love, by the way.) is that it doesn't tell a story the way most your paintings tend to. See you later. I entered the Arts Literally thing too.

jennifer woodburn said...

I love this one Paula. Great subject (you know me and buildings these days). Maybe if you added a few spots of warm colour to your house, it would give it a little more punch? However I am not one to say anything about that - every time I go to a workshop or class, the instructors are always telling me to warm my colours up more!