Friday, June 19, 2009

"Spooky"---Juanita's pick

Juanita purchased this painting from me a year or so ago. It still is one of my favorite paintings. Please read the following blurb about Juanita's book release (written by Tony Berryman, the guy who wrote about me for Art Calendar). She wrote and illustrated the whole works!!

"You all know Juanita’s passion for unexplained mysteries; she’s been researching them for years. Now she’s sharing her discoveries with the world, in a book like no other.

Almanac of The Infamous, The Incredible, and The Ignored is headed for publication on October 1, and the excitement is building. The website and Facebook group are up and running, and pre-orders are coming in to online booksellers.

But wait, there’s more! (nudge, wink) Facebook group members will receive free, MEMBERS-ONLY additional mysteries, not included in the book! Sign up today, and forward this email to your friends so they can receive this amazing extra, too.

Spread the word. Have a look at Join the Facebook group and invite your friends. Help build the landslide that will turn Almanac of The Infamous, The Incredible, and The Ignored into the next book to live on every bedside table."

I bet my friend Tony would have been great snake oil salesman!

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