Sunday, July 5, 2009

First time at the Invermere Farmer's Market

It was fun. I shared a booth with Sebastien Bell and Bill Croft (hereafter referred to as the evil twins). I had a few sales (enought to cover my booth fee) and some good exposure. It was a busy day. Unfortunately, I spent a fair whack of money on two kinds of superb honey from the honey man and a baguette and loaf from the bread man (he has a little brick oven in a tow along trailer) I won't be getting wealthy at this rate! I wore my "hug an American" button to commemorate the 4th of July and was hugged by a few people.

The evil twins. We packed up at 1 pm just as a small deluge of rain hit and some very close thunder and lightning!! I ducked! We discovered that if you have a choice in picking a tent, red is much more flattering to paintings than blue.
Sebastien fighting boredom...or something. He is a wonderful salesman, extrovert and schmoozer!


Sheila said...

LOL... looks like fun was had by all!

jennifer woodburn said...

Wish I was there - Sebastian is pure entertainment!