Thursday, July 9, 2009

A good time was had by all!

I had my art opening at Pynelogs last night. What a blast. I have never seen so many people in that old building. It was a terrific mix of the artists present. Jami and crew did a wonderful job of choosing the artist and hanging the work. I sold several paintings! I received several compliments on my wonderful artsy skirt too. That is the first time I have worn a crinoline since I was about 4!
The Lord of the Porch was quite a hit. I received a fair bit of good reviews concerning my abstracts also. I am always tempted to edit what I put in the show but have learned to just take everything. I get unexpected reaction from paintings I would never expect it from. It is really interesting to get feedback from people and their reaction to paintings.

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Juanita Rose Violini said...

"Give them the ole razzle dazzle, razzle dazzle them ..." You look fabulous dahling!