Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back from Nelson

I arrived in Nelson with a little trepidation. I could have spared myself. I was given the venue of the Ellison Market, a funky organic produce, vegan and alternative food and garden supply store located in a quaint 100 year old building. My heart stopped for a second when I saw that I had to hang my show on brick walls but there were little niches and holes for the nails. The staff, especially Susan, were extremely accommodating and helpful.

My paintings get to hang out in cozy coffee shop for a month. A great place to have cuppa and a snack and contemplate some art.

 The store smelled of spice, hemp/burlap and new baby chicks...actually quite a homey comfortable atmosphere. (The baby chicks were gorgeous..I want some badly).

Lots of people turned up for the artwalk. Ellison's put on a lovely food table full of many of the  items that they carry and was extremely popular. Nelson art lovers are a colorful and creative lot. I wish I had had time to take photos of them.

The art group even sent around buskers for a 15 to 20 minute show.

I was nervous going into an environment where I didn't know anyone (unlike my happy home receptions in the valley) but people were very kind. I heard some great comments. One of the more interesting was the idea that one woman thought all my figures were self portraits. She was sure she could see my face in all paintings. I have heard that artists often transpose their faces into their paintings.

I want to thank my brother and sister in law, Alan and Randi, for all the help and support they have shown me over the years and for putting us (and Fiona) up. The only problem with Nelson was there wasn't enough time to go exploring. Hopefully, I can rectify that when I go back to pick paintings up.


Val Sparkle said...

I love places with brick walls - such a cool atmosphere. And I've heard good things about Nelson. Looks like a great place for your paintings to hang.

Have you ever thought about making your photos bigger on your blog? It would be nice to see more detail. I often use the x-large setting.

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Hi Val, I use the large setting generally. xlarge generally cuts off part of the photo, but thanks!