Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gelatin printing

I have been playing with gelatin prints

I made a "permanent" gelatin plate with the following instructions:  
 Permanent Gelatin plate Recipe -
8 packets of plain gelatin (knox)
  3 120 ml bottles glycerin, found at the drug store

 1 cup boiling water
1 cup cool water 

I dissolved the gelatin in 1 cup of boiling water. I then added the glycerin and 1 cup of cold water and mixed thoroughly. I put a piece of parchment paper in the bottom of my 9x13 pyrex dish (I used plastic wrap on my first attempt, it left marks and didn’t work so well). Pour gelatin into dish and then skim lightly with a piece of paper to remove little bubbles. Let set for at least 24 hours. It does NOT have to be refrigerated.
If it starts to crack or gets wonky for any reason, microwave it for a couple of minutes and follow the pouring instruction---tada! Like new!

I spent a wonderful afternoon with Judy Walker and Sally Flowers. This is a little collage I made utilizing one of my gelatin print papers. Hanging out with creative types is the bomb!

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Linda said...

I made a large plate yesterday, using a recipe and a half in an aluminum disposable sheet pan. I wasn't able to deal with all the clumps that formed until I put the whole shebang on my induction stove top on very low. It all melted down very well then though I did use a strainer when I poured it directly into the aluminum pan. I popped the few bubbles with my fingers. I tried removing it today and it was easy.

Next recipe I am going to trying using all cold water and putting it right on the stove.

A question: how do you clean it after using it?

Big improvement over the refrigerated gelatin plates I was using years ago! My husband was practically on his knees begging me not to fill the fridge with more pans of gelatin!

Btw, I got the gelatin and the glycerin off of at really reasonable prices. I have enough to make many sheets (which I picked up at the grocery store).