Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln  8x10 acrylic collage

I grew up in Illinois. My Dad must have taken me to every Lincoln site in the southern part of the state. I have been to Lincoln's birthplace in Knob Creek, Kentucky. 

 his home in Indiana
 The "Waymaking" at Westport Il. where he entered Illinois from Indiana

 Pretty much anywhere on this map
 My first job out of college was the beautiful Prairie House Gallery that was part of the Lincoln Herndon Law Office site.
Of course, my daughters have been indoctrinated in Lincoln stuff too..
Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

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Patrice said...

I love your Lincoln post! Is that your portrait of him? It's fantastic. As a fellow Illinoisan, I join you in birthday wishes for one of the greatest presidents ever. Wish we could have him now.