Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Late February

Do you see the heart shaped patch of sunlight on the mountain?

I walked the dog this morning and though it is -17C the sun is warm, beautifully warm like the thermal blanket they through over me after the birth of my daughter, so comforting and embracingly warm. The Columbia river is filled with translucent ice chunks that crunch/tinkle as they move north following the current. The moment was so calm but promising, the river a milky dark pthalo green. How do I capture that feeling in a painting??

Fiona, my walking companion.


The Fish said...

Are you still in Canal Flats? Or have you moved closer to Nelson?

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Hi Robyn, We are currently renting in Radium Hot Springs but my husband is still looking for work and we will probably be moving.

Val S said...
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Crazy Ravens Studio said...

argh, I inadvertently deleted a comment.