Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the sun is back!

Hoorah, the sun is back. Now I have to get busy and garden.

Both my girls are in Thailand for the month. I hope they are having great fun and will stay safe. I miss them. They are both currently living in Yellowknife. The painting on the left was based on a photo from their youth.

Wow, the computer is uploading photos quickly today. So, I am going to throw a few on here. Usually it takes much longer than my patience will allow. Artists, this website is pretty, easy to use and a great way to show your work. This is a watercolor of Shiprock in New Mexico. It rises mysteriously out of the landscape, very intriguing.

These are from my cowgirl series.

I'd better get busy pulling weeds, doing homework and painting.

1 comment:

Kay Cox said...

Do your cowgirls "ever get the blues?" I love them...nice painting and very fun.