Monday, October 19, 2009

Beautiful Ballerinas

I took a workshop with Elizabeth Wiltzen this weekend. Liz is an accomplished and well-known mountain painter but she is branching out. Excellent teacher. I hope she will forgive me for whining and complaining ( she was pushing me to use oil, a medium I loathe). We had the most wonderful models, twin ballerinas. They were terrific and held challenging poses. No wonder Degas painted dancers. Their sense of line is exquisite. I want to hire these girls just for myself. Regarding oil paint: my lungs hurt and I managed to throw my coat in the car, right on top of the wet paintings. That is why I paint in acrylic!!

These are two sketches I made in the workshop, the rest were wiped off. These were 10 or 15 minute paintings. We were there to learn... not finish a painting. Now that I am home (with photos) I would like to do some dancer paintings and try to keep some of this freshness. IN ACRYLIC.


Sheila said...

Boy you're hard on yourself! I think what you accomplished on these small/quick sketches is further than many accomplish after years of paint lessons. I know it's easy to go back to what you're accomplished in. I hope you revisit oil soon.

Janice Edwards said...

Just b/c you got some oil on your coat, don't blame the oils;)

Love the gesture drawing with paint. The slightly unfinished quality adds a liveliness to the painting, IMHO.

You've got some winners here!