Thursday, December 23, 2010

Found it! Happy Tib's Eve!

My mantel piece with my angel chimes, glass creche and angel candle holder.

"Lord, You create day and night, Rolling away light before darkness,
Thank You for the darkness. Without it we could not appreciate the light.
By the darkness we can measure blessing-
Health by sickness, Laughter by tears, Riches by poverty, Freedom from oppression...
In centuries of night, Men rose at midnight and lit flames,
And by those slender lights, From torn and tear-soaked prayer books,
They pleaded forYour mercy...
Thank You for unfinished tasks, In the darkness
Teach us to light candles... even as we did tonight.
In memory of ancient light after darkness.
A candle is small... but candles light other candles,
And light draws strength from light.
Each night of life let us add brave deeds...freedom...
Thank You for the darkness
Thank You for the light."

I love this poem and when I find the rest of it, I hope to give it's writer their due credit.

TIB'S EVE - The day before Christmas Eve (today!); also, a day that will never come. From the Newfoundland word of the day site

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