Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More and More

"February is the cruellest month" 16x16 acrylic

I am reposting this older painting-- just because. Looking over my post numbers, I have doubled my entries every year since inception and now, I am just a babbling idiot. I have to thank Carol Marine for her painting workshop. It was there I learned the importance of blogging. Now my blogging drives me to paint. I also enjoy the interaction of other artists online.

I started a heritage blog of my ancestors too --"Whispers from Wayne County". Warning, don't go to the dark side.....if you sign up for Ancestry.com you may never be heard from again. I have enjoyed downloading census forms from most of my grand and great-parents. Being a history buff, I am really enjoying all the little nuggets of information. But one clue leads to another and soon.....I'm not painting!

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AutumnLeaves said...

I loved ancestry.com but it is kind of expensive. You really need to buy the year membership to make any headway. Unfortunately, I hit some snags and let other things get in the way and I really don't want to spend that money right now to get back into it. But I sure enjoyed myself there!!