Tuesday, January 31, 2012


My last pair of glasses were progressive lenses and cost me nearly $600. The frames broke after two years. I was NOT impressed. My daughter turned me on to clearly contacts  which is on the internet. You can choose from many frames and prices and whether you want single vision, bifocals or reading glasses. My new pair is single vision for my nearsightedness (I can still read in bed but reading glasses are probably in my future) with scratch coat and non-glare coating. There is some risk ordering from the net (they let you upload your own photo so that you can get some idea of how they will look). Supposedly, they have a return policy if you are not happy, but I don’t know of anyone who has used it yet. I am very happy with the glasses and they arrived at my home in a week. Please note, you need your prescription and it would probably be worth while to have a recent presciption.

Now my husband has ordered a pair of reading glasses for himself. We will see how this turns out for him.

Hey, Clearly Contacts, I should get a kickback for this!

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