Sunday, January 8, 2012

The other one

This is the other rag quilt. I am going through my fabric stash and discovered that I have at least two other sets of quilt blocks half-way done. Sigh, I even gave away two boxes of fabric in the last couple of days. New Years goal: get it done or let it go.

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Nora and James McDowell said...

Very nice. I need to figure how to do these.
You have a worthy goal. I am crocheting scarves with all my dribs and drabs of yarn however this morning I went to town and bought 2 more skeins of yarn to finish this one particular colour progression. BAD Nora!
I like your goal. I also bought a little ironing board to go on the table because my sewing room is in gridlock. I need to take a hint from you.