Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beware the deer

I quite like this painting, but I haven't had too many people show interest in it was safe for intervention, I thought. This, to me, is the beauty of acrylics. You can keep changing things.

I wanted the little bandit"s head to be more in focus. I don't like the line the trees make right in the middle of the painting so I may go back in and soften that line somehow. Urban deer are an explosive issue in this neck of the woods. They are becoming aggresive (they have attacked dogs and people). There is a movement to cull some of the them (not popularly supported by many people). Fortunately, in our little burg, we still manage to live and let live and give each other some space.

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Patrice said...

I like your changes. I've been known to rework things years later... ha ha.

Luckily, "my" deer have 43 acres of "no hunting allowed" AND plenty to eat. They can use the horses salt licks and drink from the pond. Even my dogs leave them be.

The hula hoop is truly a hoot.