Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another repaint

I painted this last August but have never been that happy with it. It is based on an old 1920's photo of a man and his chicken buddy. It was so dark, he just seemed to be lost in the painting. So, I lightened it.

Oh wait! In my list of Valentine loves I forgot to mention that I love the Canadian government. I went through tough times and had to live on welfare. I am thankful that I had welfare to fall back on. I hated the sense of inadequancy that went with it (like standing in line at the grocery check-out and having the lady in front of my quip--"You can tell it's Wednesday, that's when all the welfare people shop"...for the smug women who look down on divorcees, I want to remind them that they may be one husband away from welfare). But it was a hand-up when I needed it. I was also able to retrain (acad technician) through government programs. Now, when I have to pay taxes, I like to think I will be helping some other Mom and her kids to survive.


Darlene Young said...

I like the light blue background more. It illuminates the figure and makes his skin glow in a natural way. It also defines the horizontals in the dark bench.

Cathy Parkes said...

Love the Chicken makes me smile!