Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mountain Climber

The theme for the Pynelgos art show held during the Wings Over the Rockies event is "The Bugaboos". I chose to make a painting of a woman mountain climber. There were a few of them and they were fearless.


Win Dinn said...

It amazes me how those women managed to climb in all those heavy skirts and extra clothing - intrepid~

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

In one of the books I was reading about women climbers, it mentioned that they would climb in trousers or knickers but would whip on a skirt when they returned to town or knew they were going to be photographed. I think some did wear skirts to climb and like you, I am amazed they could do it. I have enough trouble going down stairs in a long skirt and heels. There must have been some accidents!