Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Solstice

Hooray! summer is officially here. So I decided to put up a pic of me in my lovely Solstice headband.

And a green man.

I am going to celebrate by spending as much time as possible outside today..we look like we may actually get some sun. As usual, it has been a very wet June (our rainy season).

I saw an elk cow and an eagle on my morning walk.

The elk came tippy-toeing along the back fence the night before last... a half dozen cows with lovely spotted calves! This is an older photo prior to calving season. I would love to get a pic of those pretty babies. We have seen the big mama whitetail doe hanging close and acting tough but I haven't seen the fawns yet. The magpies and crows are continuing their terrible, raucous war.

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