Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Needing an opinion

Mission to Berlin

I recently attended a gala art reception. There were awards involved. One of the participants had a super realistic style with no visible brush marks. The judging committee questioned her in front of people at the gala. Eventually, the committee awarded her a prize. Negative comments  were overheard regarding the integrity of her work. The artist was upset by the question to her integrity and the effect it would have on her reputation. She has requested a public apology.

How would you feel if such an incident happened to you? What would you do about it? I really would appreciate your comments on this matter. Thanks!


Janice Edwards said...

I'd be insulted by someone questioning the integrity of my work. But if the committee wasn't who was questioning my work (since they awarded a prize), I do not think it would be correct to ask for a public apology - from them.
Art is a tricky business at the best of times. Some will like your work, some will not; some will be completely indifferent. Welcome to the real world, baby!

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Oh, it definitely was the awards committee questioning the artist at the gala. The negative comments were overheard from the people who were watching this interchange.