Tuesday, August 14, 2012


In our travels, Bruce and I stopped at Walachin,  B.C. a village that was settled by "Remittance" men and their families at the turn of the 20th century.

"Walhachin was no ordinary pioneer community, but boasted luxurious amenities that were nearly unheard of in other towns of the era. The Walhachin Hotel had an elegantly appointed dining room, three rotundas and offered quality accommodations. It also had a strictly enforced dress code. Many of the townspeople lived in fine stone homes with high ceilings and large fireplaces and had servants, maids and valets. In town, there was a Chinese laundry, a polo field, a swimming pool, a skating rink[disambiguation needed] and tennis courts." Wikipedia

I was impressed with some of the clothes in the collection. Look at the detail on this camisole/corset cover.
The little bolero was actually a form of deodorant and stain protection. I must research and see if I can find what they put in the little pockets.

A beautiful 1960's dress. I saw dresses very similar at Morgan's wedding!
This looks like an old hat but it is actually a modern hat that has had the width extended (with corrugated cardboard from what I could see), draped and decorated. Must try this!

I had a wonderful visit at this museum. The lady in charge of the museum that day was very informative and passionate about the history of Walachin.

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Janice Edwards said...

In the underarm pockets, maybe there were absorbent pads you could insert, remove, wash?? Wool? Cotton?