Monday, March 2, 2009

Touch of Green

I hate when I fall off the wagon and don't paint for a while. The inertia is nearly overwhelming. However, I made this because I had a big blank space on my kitchen wall (a lot of work out a shows, fortunately) and I was trying to "prime the pump". Plus, I found this ugly old painted canvas in my closet and thought it could be better purposed.

Grief is not set aside in a day or a week. I am fine, but I do miss my Dad at the oddest moments. I can only try to be there for my daughters the way he was always there for me.


Patrice said...

I like how you've used the cheesecloth for a misted effect...

My Dad passed seven years ago - and I miss him, but the pain is less than the joy he gave to keep with me always.

Paula Cravens said...

thanks patrice, I am touched by people's comments. I'm glad to say my Dad is a joy to remember.