Saturday, March 28, 2009

Collage Papers

I am inspired by my new DVD from creative catalyst by Anne Bagby. I love her work and now I am going to emulate some of her techniques. She is holding a workshop in Calgary that I would love to go to but, I hate driving in Calgary and I would have to find a room etc., etc...So I ordered her DVD instead. Creative Catalyst makes some rather good videos. I own Polly Hammett's , Carla O'Conner's and have borrowed Carrie Burns Brown and find them very good. Expect more collage pieces soon.
Warning: DVD's can be very soporific! Do not watch them in a big cozy chair after lunch unless you are actively seeking a nap!!

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jennifer woodburn said...

Thanks for mentioning Anne Bagby. I checked out her work on the internet - it is fabulous! Very inspiring.