Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Margaret Dyer Workshop

I am very pleased with the instructor, Margaret Dyer. Check out her website--she does beautiful figures. We are working in pastels, not my usual medium and pretty challenging. This is definitely one field were you need really good materials, pastels and paper. I am a little lacking in both but still learning a lot. Sedona art center is great. We are staying at the Days inn Sedona, which I will also recommend.


AutumnLeaves said...

Hard to believe you've not had much practice with pastels, Paula. I think this is quite phenomenal work. You've handled the medium well and your rendering is perfection. Great job on the foreshortening.

liz wiltzen said...

excellent study Paula, your anatomy is strong and you do indeed look very comfortable in the medium. And i'm jealous as hell, the Southwest is one of my all time favourite spots in the world. You go girl!