Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic closing ceremony --rant

I like that they tackled the flame fiasco head-on and gave Catriona her flame moment. I nearly fell asleep listening to the diplomats but I guess you have to give the polite thank you’s out.
I thought the comments by Shatner and Fox were rather lame but Ohara, that was embarrassing. And I'll add my two cents right here. I have lived in Canada 30 years and have yet to see this much vaunted Canadian politeness. Try growing up in the mid-western farm country were it really exists. I'm not saying Canadians aren't polite (some definetly aren't, especially the bozos who run me over whenever I open a two-sided door and they are too lazy to open their side and choose to run right over the top of me!!) but no more polite than your average Oklahoman, or someone from Missouri, Illinois, Indiana or Montana, to name a few. Get over it, it's a myth.

Loved the silly, campy Buble song and dance number. I vote we get one of those floating moose for the Village. Kinda lost interest through all the singing stuff but did like Nickelback's "Burn it to the Ground". That was kind of rocking. Liked Lavigne's girlfriend song but wish she could have looked a little less bored. (My favorite version is by the Ingram cousins [my daughters cousins]:
enter girlfriend lavigne zeesters on youtube to check it out)

Best thing out of the olympics (other than all the gold medals and awesome women and men's hockey) that huge surge in patriotic spirit. It looks good on ya, Canada!!!


AutumnLeaves said...

I saw not one iota of the Olympics or the closing ceremonies. But it is fun watching your enthusiasm and hearing your thoughts. I have to agree that attributing qualities in a blanket aren't well-earned. It is done all of the time. There is rudeness and politeness, friendliness and standoffishness everywhere we go. People are people are people...

Patrice said...

I agree with much of what you said. O'hara - who I usually love - was awful! Whoever wrote her script was way out of touch; not funny, rather desperate.

The lip syncing was very obvious with some of the performers, and I kept hoping for at least one of those Mounties to be mounted! But overall it was a fun closing ceremony. I mean who woulda thought: flying (floating) moose...?? yeah, let's do flying moose!!