Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Morgan and I quickly walked along the quaint older homes of Revelstoke looking for interesting architecture. I liked the crescent detail of this house. I put the bear in as a pun to let you know you where in Revelstoke.

Speaking of bears, view this video clip to see why I pack bear spray, and make LOTS of noise when I am out walking:

Gaaahhh!! I may have to wear depends when I go walking now!


FCP said...

Paula--I love this as well as the previous two. The colors are so clean and fresh. (bear excluded0 The painting of the little Kimberly is amazing.

AutumnLeaves said...

Ok, you cracked me up with the Depends comment...

I absolutely love this painting, Paula. The color palette is my dream palette, truly. Blues and Greens and Bears, oh my!! This goes to the top of my favorite paintings by Paula list!!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Hah! You're so funny! The painting is fresh and fun, and of course, I love the bear strolling by. Nice addition!

What did folks do before Depends?