Sunday, June 27, 2010

Aboriginal Day

Aboriginal Day was held on June 19th. Bruce was invited to attend as mayor. He opted out of making a speech but he was part of the Grand Entrance. You can just make him out in his black shirt and cowboy hat.

I grabbed the oppurtunity to have my picture taken with our local constable Marko Shehovac in his dress scarlet. Marko arrived in the valley a little over a year ago and has been very busy establishing a positive police presence in the valley. His RCMP reports in the local newspapers are very entertaining and I predict a crime mystery novel writing career in his retirement years.
A beautiful beaded yoke dress loaned by Ft. Steele musem.

A dancer hurrying to the start of the grand entrance.

Unfortunately, I had to leave right after the grand entrance to run up the valley to find my site for the Columbia valley art tour (the meeting was the same afternoon) so I missed the drummers and dancing, darn it.


Patrice said...

Gorgeous photographs and a great post. You are involved in - and share - so many wonderful events and places.

Hurrah for the RCMP and Crazy Ravens You...

AutumnLeaves said...

That beaded shirt/dress is just gorgeous! I cannot imagine handsewing on all of those beads. Your RCMP constable looks like my kind of guy! You have me intrigued by his newspaper column. Would you care to email me one of them? I'd love to read it and am a sucker for murder/crime/suspense novels!