Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Petticoat Junction!

If you can remember that tv series, you are dating yourself. I happened across the extremely creative Alisa Burke's blog in my travels and saw her tutorial on a petticoat skirt. I wanted one and voila, this is my version. She is a messy girl after my own heart. (Hey, I am going to replace that carpet someday anyhow!)

I have to confess....I am a fabric hoarder. I have fabric I bought to make my daughter a baby quilt and she is now 28. I have a dresser, a trunk and several boxes full of scraps that I am going to turn into something someday. I am sick to death of clothes not fitting and am trying to sew my own stuff. I am also sick of the fact that clothes are one style and generally a certain number of "in" colors and every chain you go to has the same thing. I always intended to be eccentric in my old age so I'd better get started now.

Oh yeah, I found the wonderful suspenders at the dump!

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AutumnLeaves said...

Sheesh, Paula. You make me laugh. I'm with you on the eccentricity thing. I'm going there myself and loving every second of it. You look marvelous!