Friday, June 25, 2010

Revelstoke Courthouse

This is the grand old courthouse at Revelstoke. I was quite charmed by all the older homes in Revelstoke. There are a few fancy ones but many are just nice, moderate homes that have survived the years.

I really liked the old courthouses in all the little burgs in Texas (and Illinois for that matter). There would be one big striking building with roads radiating out from it. I would love to be on site when they tear down some of the decripit ones, so much treasure to glean!!

I had a woman explain to me that you must be rich to be eccentric, otherwise your'e just plain crazy. It's not called Crazy Ravens Studio for nothing!!

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AutumnLeaves said...

Funny you should mention, Illinois. Living here, I am often charmed by the beauty of the courthouses in the small towns. We are always heading out for a ride to different areas and never fail to found these gorgeous little gems of architecture. Me? I'm going with eccentric. LOL This painting is lovely! Gorgeous colors!