Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Live Long and Prosper

Well, you can't be this close to Vulcan, Alberta without checking it out, so we did. Vulcan has one of the best and most fun tourist information posts one could ever visit. Lots of trekky memorabilia and souvenirs and a dress-up photo-op section. Wonderful, enthusiastic staff.

Vulcanites were overjoyed this year when Leonard Nimoy finally paid them a visit.

The tourist info center is pretty jazzy looking. There has already been one Vulcan wedding there and staff are looking forward to another one (an Austrailian couple) in the near future.

Vulcan is a great, clean, pretty little prairie town.

Check it out: http://www.vulcantourism.com/

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AutumnLeaves said...

Never have been a Trek fan, but that building is so interesting looking!! Now your dinner? mmmmm...