Monday, July 26, 2010

Nanton Alberta

We took a little 36 hour jaunt to Nanton. I was actually looking for a renowned vintage clothing store called "Buffalo Gals" and found out that they had left town...sigh. But we took the trailer and camped and roamed and had some fun. We toured this elevator. I grew up with the great steel round elevators but the Alberta "milk carton" elevators are so cool. There used to be hundreds of them along the rail lines but now few are left. The tour lady was very good and I now have an understanding of how they work.

Nanton has a small but thriving farmer's market where I bought exceptional Hutterite vegetables and sausage for a delicious supper.

I really like living in Canal Flats but when we cross the Rockies and hit the plains, it's like windows open up inside my chest. Love the canola fields in bloom.

Now I have to work like heck for the next month or so.

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AutumnLeaves said...

I have a similar granary right here in my town. I've always wondered what it looks like inside and how it works. The canola fields in bloom are beautificent!