Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When I should be painting....

I should have been busy painting paintings today, but summer has finally come to BC and the weather is beautiful so I painted some on the heritage building and I painted our back porch table (it had been just white and not urethaned).

I am a dump diver. I think all my yard furniture has come from the dump. I hate worrying about ruining things so if they are already ruined then they are just more fun to play with. I even found most of the paint at the dump.

And I had to try making a graffiti cuff like the ones in "Canvas Remix". Now I'm off to the dump.


FCP said...

Get out! you are too cool-- the table is inspiring (and the cuff).

AutumnLeaves said...

Paula, you are such a hoot. I love the table!! I think you could turn a pretty penny selling pieces such as this one! I find myself wishing I lived near you. I think you could teach me lots of neat things!