Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

This image was lifted from pinterest. I hate to think of how much time I waste on that site but it is so much fun!

Quick five things that I am grateful for:

that I have the opportunity to paint
that I have a patient and supportive husband
that I have amazing, beautiful and accomplished daughters
that I have an affectionate dog who (more or less) comes when she is called
that I have good health
(oh, there are so many more)

Can you rattle off 5 things that you are grateful for?

1 comment:

Judy C said...

I'm not dead.
I have a wonderful honey.
I have super kids.
I have great grandkids.
Life is fun.

So what do you think? That dead part is because I'm 67. That makes every day I wake up a gift.