Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In praise of older women

When you do finally see something an article about older women being beautiful they usually throw one of these photos at you.
It's nice that these women are still working but c'mon. They were phenomenal knockouts when they were young.

Why can't we see more photos like this:

Gudrun Sjödén (love her clothing line)

That reflect what most of us more accurately resemble.
Or even this:


Sandy Sandy said...

ARRRR! Ahoy!! Ye be lookin' pretty spanky there! Not bad at all fer a landlubbin' scallywag wench!

Val Sparkle said...

Too right! Real women (and pirates) rock! Love the T-shirt.

Linda Popple said...

Love this post!

Adrienne said...

You know you make a good point. There are so many of us second career generation. I like saying that rather than retired. So many people think that once you retire you are laying on the couch all day. I am super busy doing other things than what I did in my first career.
I would like some new images of older women that weren't fashion models in their first career. I am tired of hearing about Cindy Crawford and her melon extract....and how ageless she looks at 48. What is wrong with looking 48 or in my case 58.