Sunday, March 10, 2013

High rise and an abstract

I have a very high rise. I am tired of my tights sliding down towards my hips. So I cut the top off and added a 2 inch knit band. Now they stay up near my waist line. An inelegant solution but a comfortable one. No one is going to see the amendment but me. I wish I could do this with my other pants!!

And an abstract.

"efg"   16x16 acrylic, stencils, acrylic skins, molding paste.


Paula Ruta said...

I have a high-rise also and have often thought of adding a bit. Now I look for things AT THE WAIST! A bit difficult, but it is so much better than having something slip down all day long!

Great idea~

Jean at said...

I want to know how you did that with the tights!! I have the opposite problem, with a short rise, I think they call it, as my torso is very very short. I haven't tried it, but you're making me think I can cut off the waistband along with the excess, and sew on a nice stretchy band, giving me the non-binding comfort I crave. I guess I always worried the tights would run if I tried it. I've got a serger so maybe this is the answer. Thank you for posting this!!!!!

Additionally, I love seeing your artwork. thank you for that, too.

Patti said...

Ingenious solution for the slipping-down tights, CR. The little things mean a lot. Love your abstract too. And thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

Val Sparkle said...

Good thinking on the waistband. I always cut mine because they're too tight otherwise. So far, they still stay up!

I love this painting, too, but not as much as 4a. It's an interesting style for a series.

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Hi Ruta,
I do look for things at the waist but what they call a "waist" now falls below my navel, hence the hiking up of undergarments.

I think it would be easy for you to lower you tight's waist, especially with a serger. I zigzagged the heck out of my seam. Not pretty but hopefully, I am the only one to see it.

Thanks for compliment on the painting Patti.

And You too Val. Great to get feedback.

Emalina said...

Sounds like a clever solution! And what a beautiful abstract that is, you're very talented!

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Having a short waist is usually a pain, but I can wear mid-rise and some low-rise jeans ... I just go a size up, nip in the waist and they are a decent fit, usually just below my natural waist.

As always, your work is a pleasure to see. It's a much appreciated part of my week.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I love the painting. Looks like a crossroads of sorts. Great tension.