Friday, March 1, 2013

Small feminist rant

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There is a large celebration organized for March 1-3  in Washington DC. Please let me know if you see ANYTHING  on the news about it. Mass media seems to be pointedly ignoring what is happening with the feminist movement.

If you think feminism is no longer an issue, you might want to check out : There are a lot of things happening that will affect you, your mothers,fathers, husbands/partners,  sons and daughters.

There is a really good PBS film circulating called "The Makers, Women who made America" Take a break from Downton Abbey and check it out.

"feminist: a person who advocates equal rights for women". I like this because it puts the lie to all the insanity of the people who would have you think feminists hate men or have some other motive beyond simply equality of rights.

Not sure if the title implies that I am a small feminist or that I am making a small rant. I will let you decide. I try not to politicize too much but International Women's day is March 8th. I am grateful for all the women who fought to make it possible for me and my daughters to have choices in our lives.

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Patrice said...

Right on, sister!

Love the definition - tho sometimes I just can't relate to men... heh..