Saturday, March 16, 2013

I never had a Barbie....

I don't know why my Mom had a thing against Barbie but I never had a Barbie doll growing up. She bought me a different larger fashion doll then commissioned a local woman to sew a wonderful wardrobe for her. I played with that doll for years.

I have a pinterest board "I never had a Barbie but I would want one like this". It is an extremely popular board! This sorta mystifies me but I have been infiltrating it with feminist links. I figure that if they are scrolling through Barbie outfits, maybe they will check out one of the political links.

I find the Republican war on women truly horrible. I hope American women wake up to the fact that their birth control privileges are being SHUT DOWN!! How can you have a life if you can't have any control over when or if you want to have children?

Most recent creepy laws:

But that is my opinion. If you just like Barbie, well...enjoy!


Val Sparkle said...

Haven't read your linked article yet, but I'm trying to stay chilled out today! The US is full of wackos. I just have to be content to live in a progressive town in a progressive state (and still have the option to move back to the UK).

I LOVE the old, classic Barbies (see my most recent post). My mother also didn't like Barbie, but I must have begged quite a lot, and I finally got Barbie's friend, Midge. The one with freckles. And the best thing was that I got Barbie's New Dream House - that was the best Christmas present EVER!

I'll have to check out your Pinterest board, although I rarely get over to Pinterest because I spend too much time reading blogs. :~)

Judy C said...

Thank you for your blog. I, too, hate the war on women. I pride myself in the right to be whatever I want to be. And there is no man who gets to decide that for me. Tried that. It was awful. As for Barbie, I'm too old to have had them but I enjoyed the ones my daughter had.

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Val and Judy C. Thanks for dropping by. Watch out for pinterest. I find it highly addictive!!