Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Summer Solstice

I saw Robin Skelton speak once. I think it was at the Kamloops Library. I totally love this poem. I had it taped to my fridge for a long time while I cast spells of my own. Eureka, they seem to have worked!


Let in the clear,
let in the bright
that my love meet
her dream tonight.

Let in the smooth,
let in the warm
that sleep may keep
my love from harm.

Let in the moon,
let in the stars
to watch my love
through these still hours.

Let in the peace,
let in the peace
that all my love’s
long sadness cease.

1 comment:

Val Sparkle said...

Beautiful poem, and Happy Summer Solstice to you! I see you've been posting a lot lately - I'll have to get caught up!