Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Raven has landed

I am steadily unpacking in the new locale. We had cold, wet weather for days. It was a good time to be inside unpacking, cleaning and painting. This week we are getting sunny warm weather, YAY!
I have been working like a field hand until I am exhausted. I am also contending with the pollen that accompanies all the lovely blooming things here. Antihistamines make me feel like gravity has increased hugely. I take the non-drowsy formulas but they still slow me down. 

View of the art room... I think you can begin to see what I am contending with.

At least I have internet.

I'm pretty sure there is a yard sale in the offing.
But when I take a break, the view is pretty rewarding...
 View from the front deck.

I am disappointed that I will be unable to attend my reception at Pynelogs on Wednesday. My stupid car is being difficult and I am wary of pushing it on a long trip until I can get it checked out.

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