Monday, January 4, 2010

BAck to Business

I think I already posted this but I am running it again for lack of anything else to put here at the moment. This was painted right after the Burridge workshop.

I am mulling over resolutions and ideas. I am going to review a lot of the books and DVD's I own and try to use the information that is in them. I am happy to say that I am journaling (whoopie-do 10 minutes a day, but it is more productive than not journaling). I also want to start warm-up exercises a la Burridge so that I play and experiment by painting on watercolor paper. That is the beauty of acrylics. If stuff looks terrible you can paint over it. And if you produce a gem, you can mount the paper on a canvas.

My word to reflect on this month is Enthusiasm. I am enthusiastic about beginning the year. I like New Years and the beginning of September (I was a student for 20 years) because there is so much potential in a new season. I also just read a biography of Dale Carnegie, a little mid-west farmboy who did well and valued enthusiasm.

Enough rambling, must go paint.

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FCP said...

I feel the same way about September, and often go out and buy a new sketchbook, pencils,etc.--you are so right. And I think reviewing the DVDs and books is a great way to figure out where you have been before you venture out yet again. As for enthusiasm, I'm fairly certain that word already has your photo next to it in the dictionary.
happy painting,