Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Home: exploring Their Roots

This was my second entry for the House and Home show. When, I think of home (and Christmas) I think of my parents and the farmlands of my youth. They live just in my memory now, but what good memories.

In 2008, I took my daughters back to visit Illinois and their frail grandpa. It was a great trip and I'm so glad we went. They are not thrilled by the prairie (they are definitely mountain girls). My younger daughter made the comment that she didn't know people still lived like that (re: farmers..the US is still made up of lots of farmpeople, at least, in the midwest). Most Canadians seem to buy that TV crap that we all live like New Yorkers or are LA socialites.

I spent hours driving miserable winter roads in crappy condition so that I could deliver 5 paintings to a couple of galleries. I'm feeling hard done by so I'm going to work out and then walk the dog in the fresh snow.

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